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November 9th-17th, 2024

Come Join Us and

Photograph The Best Oregon Has To Offer


An adventure that you'll remember for a lifetime


Oregon is world-renowned for its amazing beauty and incredible diversity of natural wonders, ranging from gorgeous waterfalls, that will take your breath away, to some of the most dramatic mountain and lake scenes your eyes will ever witness. And don't forget the rugged coastline that showcases nature's purest beauty of sea, land and air, all coming together to make one magical moment after another. Join Jay Moore on this incredible 9-day adventure that takes you from mountains, to waterfalls, to lakes and to the Pacific Ocean. You'll enjoy some of the most photographic spots anywhere in the world.  

Focus will always be on YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY during our time in these beautiful Oregon locations. My expertise and knowledge of Oregon locations will get you to the most beautiful spots at the most perfect times to capture some amazing imagery.


9-DAYS  (Saturday, November 9th - Sunday, November 17th)
Special Note: The below itinerary is both set and open to adjustments throughout the workshop. We'll be closely monitoring the local weather throughout the workshop and making professional decisions and adjustments if needed to ensure we get you in the best and most dramatic sunrise and sunset locations.

The Majestic Waterfall & Mountains Section of the Tour

Day 1 

~ We'll arrive in Portland and meet at a designated location within the city, where we'll check gear and gather as a group.
~ The workshop starts almost immediately, as we'll head out to see and photograph some of the most majestic waterfalls anywhere in the world.
~ We'll explore the cascading water and take a few small hikes around the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and enjoy some of the most picturesque areas in all of Oregon.
~ After exploring throughout the afternoon, we'll head out to a perfect sunset view looking into the heart of the Columbia River Gorge.
~ After sunset, we'll make our way towards Mt. Hood and check into our rooms.

Days 2-3 

~ We'll be spending these days exploring the beautiful scenes of Mt. Hood and the lakes that surround it. The area will offer us dramatic sunrises and sunsets. 
~ We'll also explore the historic areas of great lodges that are located at the base of the mountain. With weather permitting, we'll enjoy some dramatic night photography in this beautiful area.
~ We'll be keeping the itinerary somewhat flexible during these few days, depending on weather around the mountain.
~ After the sunrise on day 3 we'll be making our way South and arriving at Crater Lake in the afternoon to get some time to enjoy this historic lake, while also scouting our exact spot to photograph sunset. If weather permits, we'll be enjoying the stars over Crater. 
~ We'll finish the day making our way further south and arrive at Gold Beach to start the coastal section of the tour 

The Dramatic Oregon Coastline Section of the Tour

Days 4-5-6 

~ We'll be visiting and photographing some amazing coastal areas throughout these days, ranging from Boardman Scenic area to the beautiful sea stacks of Bandon, to the rugged Central coastline of Oregon.
~ Itinerary will be extremely flexible during these few days depending on weather patters, to ensure the best combination of beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
~ On day 6 will be photographing the Bandon coastline at sunrise before driving up the coast to Cape Perpetua, where we'll be photographing the dramatic shoreline throughout the afternoon and sunset
~ We'll finish the day by making our way up to Newport where we'll be checking in to our rooms.

Days 7-8 

~ Starting in Newport for a sunrise before heading further up the coastline to Cannon Beach and explore the tide pools and imagery of Haystack rock and the surrounding sea stacks. 
~ We'll be Spending the the days exploring Cannon Beach, along with several other beautiful beaches and dramatic sea stacks that surround the area.

Day 9 

~ We'll wake for a sunrise scene in the Cannon Beach area before saying our good byes and heading back into the Portland area



Special Note:  The cost of this workshop includes your guiding fees only (Prices are in US Dollars). Deposit is a non-refundable down payment towards the total cost of the workshop. This down payment reserves your slot in the limited space workshop. Balance is due 30-days prior to the beginning date of the workshop. 

What's Included

~ Professional Guide Jay Moore - Jay will be personally guiding you throughout the entire workshop. His  knowledge and history of the areas will get us to the most beautiful locations at the most perfect times.
~ One-on-one teaching - Before heading into the field, while photographing the beautiful scenery and after when debriefing on the next days location.  You'll be getting hands on help and training on how to capture the perfect Oregon images.
Editing during the afternoon - During several of the days, Jay will take you through how he post processes imagery both in Lightroom and Photoshop. Giving you skills after the workshop to turn what you've captured into an amazing piece of artwork that you'll be proud to hang on your own walls
~ Snacks and protein in the field - With pockets always full of power bars and light snacks, Jay will be providing you with key food and energy during the early mornings and late nights, before or after normal meal times
What's Not Included

~ Lodging  - We will work directly with you to help you book the best hotels in the best locations. There will be some days that we will not be booking ahead of time, to ensure we have the most flexibility to make adjustments on the go
Transportation - While it's not included, we will be working with you to ensure you have transportation. Whether it's working together with other workshop attendees or driving on your own. We'll be staying in full communications throughout the workshop to ensure we all get to the right places at the right times, while giving you some flexibility. 
~ Meals - While meals are not included, we will be enjoying a cooked meals and delicious food from restaurants that only the locals know about. We will also be preparing a few breakfast, lunches and dinners along the way.
~ Travel - Travel to and from Portland is not included within this price


This is a limited size workshop with a maximum of only 8 people and is expected to fill up quickly, so don't wait. Book now to guarantee your slot

What is the Workshop Like?

~ Before the workshop, we talk, email, create a facebook group and interact together as much as you'd like. I'll be available to discuss everything from gear choice to types of shoes and socks. I have a ton of knowledge and experience dealing with conditions in the field and I'll be sharing that information to help you prepare for your Oregon Adventure.
~THIS IS NOT A VACATION. This is 9-days of excitement of exploring and photographing some of the most magical landscapes in the world. You will be up early and out late, capturing the light at the most dramatic times of the day. That excitement translates to long days, but when you look at the images on the back of your camera, it will be 100% worth it. You can sleep-in after the workshop is over .  
~ We are a team out in the field. We stay together and work together and I make sure each of you get the perfect image at the perfect time. I'm there to provide advice for set up locations and proper settings to get the exact image that you're looking to capture. 
~ Each day will be different. We will be monitoring weather throughout the 9-days and be constantly watching the clouds in the sky. We will chase the light and keep photographing as long as the drama is there.  

Physical Abilities  

~ If you can walk or hike up to about 1 or 2 miles, then you are ready for this adventure. We will not be doing any dramatic, expert level hikes. We will be taking a few easy to moderate hikes throughout the workshop and it will be at a level that an average physical condition person can handle. And Jay will always be right there to lend a hand or help if anything difficult does come up.

Skill Levels

~ This workshop is for all skill levels and everyone is welcome. We range from beginners to intermediate to advanced. And if you're not sure about certain aspects of the camera, Jay will always be right by your side to ensure that your settings are correct and your capturing the scene in the best possible way.   

Payments Due

~ Balance must be paid in full by 30-days prior to the first day of the workshop 



Still not sure about booking YOUR adventure of a lifetime. Not a problem, feel free to email me any questions regarding this trip.

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