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Autumn Path

As the #trees reach towards the skies above and the dark tree trunks give depth to the #leaves that have occupied its branches for many months, the display of #autumn color of the forest is like the closing act to this years mother nature’s show. Its melody that has been in motion since the early days of spring green and pastel blooms, come to a dramatic completion worthy of a standing ovation and arousing applause by all who have the ability to see and experience it. So, sit back, soak it up and enjoy the days of color around us, as the forest and mother nature gives us this amazing final act, before closing nature's curtain and slumbering back into the cold, dark days of winter and the blanket of snow that follows soon after. I must have walked this bend in the path hundreds, if not thousands of times over the many years I’ve lived in my current home. From before kids, to pushing strollers, to skipping with the little ones on the way to and from the park, I’ve always found this particular bend an interesting and visually pleasing spot. One that I always enjoy walking through no matter the time of the year, but when the autumn color bursts, the pace of my gate is slowed and my walk turns to a meander, while my head goes from straight forward to being on a swivel, looking here and there, up and down, and just about everywhere. Just mesmerized by natures beauty and what feels like an impossible display of color. All I can do is soak it up, photograph it and thank mother nature for its wonderful display of that incredible beauty.

Photo by: Jay Moore


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