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Moraine Lake Sunset

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The first moment I set eyes on #MoraineLake and Ten Peaks, the area instantaly jumped into my top 5 places in the world. And I knew it’s beauty would continue to pull be back for other adventures in the future. It’s massive peaks dramatically towering over a calm, milky bluish-white glacier filled lake was breathtaking. It’s a type of beauty all of us should see at least once in our lives and I'll be trying as often as possible to return to the area for visual and photographic enjoyment for the rest of my life.

In this scene and on this night, I didn’t think a sunset would even happen, from what was going on in the sky earlier in the afternoon (blanket of overhead clouds), but I continued my plan to photograph it anyway because you just really never know. And once again, it paid off big, as the clouds started breaking up about an hour prior to sunset and the suns rays started piercing the clouds and shining brightly along the ten peaks massive granite cliffs.

Photo by: Jay Moore


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