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Antelope Slot Canyon (Flowing Color)

Antelope Slot Canyon (Flowing Color)

The Antelope Slot Canyon, located just outside of Page, Arizona, is truly an amazing place to visit and photograph. If you’re ever near the area on a road trip or family vacation, you should definitely plan to spend the afternoon wandering the slots and seeing the amazing palette of colors glowing within the red rock walls.


What's great about the location is that you want to visit when the sun is at its apex in the sky, as that gives the sunshine more of an opportunity to bounce around the walls of the canyons. And because that’s normally the worst time to photograph landscape, you can combine your slot canyon experience with a sunrise and/or sunset at one of the many beautiful landscapes that are scattered around the Page area. 


During this visit to lower Antelope Slot Canyon, which is by far my favorite slot canyon, I wandered for hours composing and capturing images of the scenes that unfolded in front of me. I loved the tranquility of the lower section that radiated throughout the slots, which gently washed over my heart, body and soul.

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