Bad Water Basin Sunset

Bad Water Basin Sunset

The hard packed floor of Bad Water Basin and all the patterns that unfold in front of you is something all should enjoy at least once. It starts with leaving your vehicle and aimlessly walking out into a vast emptiness of nothing. My inner voice asked many times, why are you walking in this direction? But, you keep on walking across the bare and thirsty ground, whose deep cracks, of what feels like hard cement, are mesmerizing to follow. 


One of my favorites types of ground to photograph were the thick chucks of hard dirt cracked up from the surface. And not in a random way, but in beautiful flowing patterns. I found the combination of those thick dirt cracks and salt, in conjunction with the light and shadows, created a very interesting view to my eye. So, I set up in one of my favorite patterns and placed my camera low and pointing almost directly at my feet. I then watched the clouds ebb and flow with the sun on the horizon line, just sitting on the hard dirt, soaking up the beautiful view. This image was captured moments before the sun finally disappeared behind the clouds, giving me some lovely contrast of the warm highlights to the cool shadows. 

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