Bandon Beach Golden Sunset

Bandon Beach Golden Sunset

Hearing the sounds of the strong, yet soft waves of the Pacific Ocean washing ashore against the rocks and sand is one of my happy places in this world. There are many gems along the large Pacific Ocean, but one of my favorites spots is the smaller and wonderful town of Bandon. Its coastline is scattered with unique and shapely rock cropping, both near and far, giving visual interest from foreground to background.
As the sun fell into the ocean on this evening, I had found a composition of the rock cropping where I could include Face Rock within the scene, and still have very little overlap with the other rock cropping. I then slowly crept into the waters edge, putting down my tripod and snapping away, then lifting the tripod back up and moving forward after each wave. I noticed a slightly bigger wave about to hit, so I put down my tripod, quickly leveled my camera and pressed the shutter. Just as that was happening, the wave broke and the frigid ocean water came rushing at me. I was bracketing, so I had to hope that the shutter would make it through the sequence before getting soaked. Well, lets just say my feet and legs were very cold after that, however, I was happy to exchange a little wetness with a strong foreground element of the rushing ocean water.

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