Bandon Beach Sunset With Log

Bandon Beach Sunset With Log


Sometimes you have to search hard to find compositions and sometimes they just jump out and appear right in front of you. That was sort of the case when I came across this log on my way to another rock cropping for sunset. I knew instantly it had beautiful foreground potential, but it was still early in the golden hour and the sun was just too strong in my option to capture it correctly. So, I proceeded to my planned rock cropping a few hundred yards up the beach, but knowing I would return to this exact spot on my way back. And as soon as the sun disappeared into the ocean, I quickly made my way back to this lovely arching log and began photographing the rough ocean waves and constantly changing colors in the sky. The post sunset timing also gave me more flexibility with longer exposures to showcase the furious motion within the ocean, while maintaining the splashes of the rough waves against the large rocks. 


Bandon is gorgeous. It’s one of my favorite beaches on the entire West Coast. If you're ever visiting Oregon, make sure to take the time to visit this area of the coast line. It’s not as easy to get to as some other beaches near Portland, but it’s completely worth the effort.


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