Cannon Beach Storm

Cannon Beach Storm

This scene, with my mother in it, was captured during one of my last days I got to spend with her, before she passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. During that memorable visit, I planned a day trip down the Oregon Coast, just her and me, stopping in some of our favorite places, including Cannon Beach. 


The day was a typical moody Oregon beach day, elements constantly changing with small bursts of sun breaking through the dark stormy clouds from time to time. There was a chilling cold wind coming off the ocean and a rain that would show up every now and again. And although most people would have complained about the elements and stayed inside, it didn’t stop a few Oregonians from exploring and enjoying one of the best views of the Pacific Ocean together. 


My mom was my first fan of me as a photographer. She bought me my first camera when I was young and she hung every image I ever printed for her on her walls. She was always my biggest supporter and always willing to help. And on this day, it was no exception. Because after I had my tripod and lens lined up and snapped a few frames of this scene, I knew something was missing. And I called on my Mom to help me out …  “Sure, Jay,” she said, without hesitation, when I asked her to stroll down the path along the cliffs edge. I snapped a few frames of her going and coming back on the path to help give perspective to the scene, but more importantly, I knew instantly that it would be an image and moment I would treasure for a lifetime. It still feels like just a few months ago and at times I can close my eyes and swear I can feel that cool, ocean breeze on my face from that day, that moment … 

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