Granite Park Chalet (Glacier N.P.)

Granite Park Chalet (Glacier N.P.)

Granite Park Chalet is a small, quaint little 1915 lodge that can only be accessed by trail. Most folks hike in from the famous Highline Trail, one of the most beautiful trials in Glacier and the arguably the world (at least ranked within the top 10). Most don’t stay at the chalet as it’s extremely difficult to get reservations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop for a rest and an amazing view of the surrounding mountain side.


On this day, we had hiked along the Highline trail for most of the day when we came around one of the final tuns on the mountain side, when we could see the small chalet in the distance … Sitting proudly on its perch, looking calmly upon the surround mountainsides, as it has done for roughly a century. I wanted to compress the scene against the mountains, so I used my 70-200 lens at cranked the zoom. I then framed the chalet within the two peaks in the distance.

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