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Grinnell Glacier Overlook

Grinnell Glacier Overlook

Standing atop Grinnell Glacier Overlook and gazing upon one of the most outstanding views in all of Glacier National Park is something I would recommend to any one who's able to handle such a strenuous hike. 


It’s a long and grueling trek to the top and the final part of this taxing hike spurs from Highline trail and goes almost straight up for the final 3/4 mile, as you gain over 1,000 feet in the short amount of time. It’s a finish that makes you earn every step, but the burn of your legs and your body fatigue just melt way when your eyes catch the first glimpse of the stunning mountainous view sprawled out below you. After getting to the overlook, it takes a few more steps up the rocky mountainside to get to the best view, which includes an unobstructed line of lakes down the valley (Upper Grinnell and Grinnell Lakes, along with Lake Sherburne), all of which look like just small dots among the massive landscape that surrounds you. 


And although the lighting and elements were sporadic throughout the day, our time at the top had some magical moments, as we got everything (and more) then we could ever imagined. And one of my closest friends and longtime travel buddy had the best view in the park, as I was okay soaking up and capturing the amazing view from a slightly more safe location.  

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