Half Dome with Fog and Deer

Half Dome with Fog and Deer

The place in life you're suppose to be, is rooted in moments similar to this image. Because you can always find a way to doubt where you think you should be in life and that there is something better out there, a place that you've missed out on. Or. You can breath in the foggy air that envelops your spirit and let your mind and eyes see the beauty that is always surrounding you.   


On this morning, the fog was thick. Like couldn’t even barely see anything type of thickness. I instantly thought, fantastic, as I always love the mysteriousness of fog within a scene, especially since I wanted to use the colors of the autumn grasses to help give interest and depth to the foreground of my images. But, that nagging back of my mind doubt arrived soon after. Questioning my plan and my sticktoitiveness.  Making me think I could potentially jump back in the car and take the quick drive up to tunnel view or maybe even Glacier Point (even though it’s a longer drive) and potentially showcase this low heavy fog with a higher view of the entire valley floor. But, I fought back that doubt and stuck to my original plan. But, as time passed and the morning light arrived, I began battling that choice within, as the fog created a heavy sheath between my lens and the glorious granite cliffs around me. And as the early morning was ending, I felt I had lost. Made the wrong decision. Lost the opportunity for something better, somewhere else. Then. Well. This happened. And with a click of my finger, that doubt succumbed to luck with a dash of planning and sticktoitiveness. 

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