Iceberg Lake Wildflowers

Iceberg Lake Wildflowers

Iceberg Lake is an epic hike that takes you through the alpine section of Glacier N.P. and ends in a fantastic final destination. With an awe-inspiring view of a horseshoe cliff wall that towers more than 3,000 feet above the lake, it engulfs your senses and lets your mind, body and soul relax; while you daydream and imagine about the power and immensity of mother nature surrounding you and its incredible combination of strength and beauty. 


If you plan your visit in the early season, as we did, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy an abundance of wildflowers scattered throughout the area, both at the lake and on the hike up and back. The Indian Paintbrush Wildflower is one of my favorites, as its vibrant red hue is a perfect compliment to the green grasses that carpet the area this time of the year (as seen in this image within the foreground).


This locations power and feeling of warmth, helps breathe hope back into the hopeless … Gives love to the ones that have misplaced their passion … And bring happiness to the souls of those who need it most. And even though this is just one location and one moment in an eternity of time within nature, my hope with this image of Iceberg Lake is to take part in celebrating Earth Day 2019 and help bringing awareness to help protect and save our planet.

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