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King Tide Wave - Pano -Limited Edition

King Tide Wave - Pano -Limited Edition




Dancing with the earth, the ocean exploded with the finesse, beauty, lines and curves of a Prima Ballerina moving through the air during a sold out finale of a Broadway show. It was a visual feast and auditory celebration as monster swells crashed against the rugged Pacific Shoreline, giving waves a physical appearance like I've never seen before. Mother Nature and its power and beauty were on full display during this January King Tide along the Pacific Ocean.


Have you ever experienced a King Tide? This was my first. And it was EPIC. It was by accident that I was even there. But, sometimes life just works out that way. I planned my trip many months before and scheduled to drive into the mountains. But, a big storm and heavy snow stopped me from going, but in return, gave us an Ocean that was ready to showcase its strength and beauty. So, I changed my plans and drove a few hours West to the coast. The driftwood shoreline was packed with tripods trying to get a peek at the beauty, as I was rubbing elbows and lenses dozens of other photographers. And we were all geeking out when this monster swell moved in and danced upon the scene. The sunlight had just popped through the thick dark clouds a few minutes earlier, which turned this magical wave into a glorious finale of grace, beauty and strength.

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