Mesquite Sand Dunes (Death Valley N.P.)

Mesquite Sand Dunes (Death Valley N.P.)

Part of my goal with my photography within the the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes of Death Valley was to look for shapes and patterns that included sweeping, soft lines. And with this image, I had just finished capturing a very similar composition of the layers of dunes sprawled out in front of me when I put my camera down to scan the horizon for other compositions with the contrast of the bright dunes against the shadows of the late afternoon. Just then I noticed a person pop out from behind one of the larger dunes of what I was just photographing. Something moved me with the presence of a person alone in the vast layers of sand and desert, so I quickly pulled my camera back up to my eye and zoomed in, to compress the scene, and captured them as they walked along the hot dunes. 
We sometimes get caught up in the larger, grand, landscape of a location, which don’t get me wrong, is always wonderful to see and capture. But, don’t forget the smaller slices of life, as those are what provides the energy and details that helps tell the story of the whole.

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