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Milky Way and Bandon

Milky Way and Bandon

The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite places in the world. I grew up visiting it often, as it was only about a 2-hour drive from my childhood home. It captured and holds one of my first memories of being one with nature and trying to understand the massiveness of the Pacific Ocean with its powerful, yet peaceful waves washing up onto the sands of a windy and rocky shoreline. 
On my recent trip to Bandon with family and friends, we had the opportunity to spend several peaceful nights down on the beach under the stars. When most folks walked back to the beach house to call it a night, that’s when I pulled out my tripod and camera to capture the Milky Way positioned above the sea stacks and ocean waves below. It was a moonless night, so my good buddy kicked up the fire with a few big pieces of wood, which shed just enough light on the sand and rock croppings to give them some depth. 
This particular image is a 4-frame stack to help with noise reduction and help better emphasize the stars brightness and color in the Milky Way. Edit done in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

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