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Monument Valley Rainbow Sunrise

Monument Valley Rainbow Sunrise

I had given up. I had gone back to bed. I had woken in the early hours and the storm was still raging and the rain was pelting down on our RV. I quickly looked outside and I decided that the morning was a wash and went back to bed. That was until one of my best buddies,  who we were traveling with on this trip, knocked on the window of our RV and said, "you better get out here, NOW."


I jumped up, grabbed my gear, which was already sitting by the door, and jumped out of our Motel on wheels to have this beautiful rainbow smack me right in the face. I literally ran across the southwest desert to quickly find a composition with Mitchell Butte within the scene and was able to snap off a few frames.


Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you make your luck and sometimes you just need a good friend to have your back. 

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