Nevada Falls (Yosemite N.P.)

Nevada Falls (Yosemite N.P.)

Mist Trail is one of Yosemite National Parks most incredible hikes. And about half-way up the steep mountain, there is a fantastic opportunity to see and enjoy Nevada Falls, from below and within the boulders. It’s just off the path, but is an amazing spot to stop and relax and enjoy the tremendous view. And is highly recommended, by this photographer at least.
It was a little before lunch when we arrived to this location on our hike, but the light wasn’t right. So, I was able to convince my wife to stay and eat a slightly early lunch to soak up the beautiful scene and some positive ions, as we waited for the sun to cross over into the falls, thus illuminating its power and creating some contrast within the waterfall. And while we were waiting, I determined I wanted to highlight that enormous power, so instead of using a longer exposure to create a silky smooth waterfall and rushing river, I used a fast shutter speed (1/500 sec) to freeze the water and the motion

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