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Oregon Coast Sunrise (Bandon, Ore)

Oregon Coast Sunrise (Bandon, Ore)

Bandon is one of the most beautiful sections along the Pacific Coast and sunrise is when you want to make sure you go out and capture the scene that unfolds in front of you. The suns rays start hitting the larger rock croppings shortly after the sun has risen, while the ocean is still in shade, giving a beautiful contrast within the scene.
On this morning, there was a marine layer hanging on early before sunrise, but as the suns light began to show in the sky it started to break slightly, giving a crisp look to the closer rocks, while a feeling of mist was in the air and rocks in the distance. 
This is a 1x3 ratio panorama and is a multi-stitch image from my Pentax 645Z and can be printed to 40x120 inches - Split into 2 different panels 40x60's. The 30x90 is also split into 2 panels.

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