Oregon Coast Sunset (Bandon, Ore.)

Oregon Coast Sunset (Bandon, Ore.)

I’ve been traveling and visiting the Oregon Coast since my childhood. Growing up less than 2-hours away made it easy for our family to take the quick trip to the beach for a weekend getaway or a long vacation. As I became an adult, I began to explore different areas of the coast and that’s when I stumbled upon Bandon. I still remember coming up on the coastline and seeing the many rock stacks scattered throughout the beach and determined right then it was one of my favorite spots along the Pacific. 
On this particular evening and after the sun set into the Pacific, I readjusted to a spot I'd noticed earlier that included a washed up, bending log as a foreground element. With the light not as intense post sunset, I was able to capture a bracketed scene where I could combine the highlights of the sky and shadows of the sand and log. The seas were a little rough and the longer exposure created some movement in the ocean, while still being able to capture some small waves crashing against the rocks. Final image ended up being a 3-file blend, using the sky, mid-tones of the rocks and the ocean/sand to create an images that matched the vision from what I had when I photographed it.

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