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Park Avenue Arches National Park

Park Avenue Arches National Park

Arches National Park has arguably one of the most dramatic entrances for any park, anywhere in the world.  As you immediately begin weaving between monstrous red rock formations that tower above you, it takes your breath away each and every time you drive through it. The scale is just massive and it really helps put your life and our relative size in this world into perspective.


Even though this section of the park doesn’t necessarily get the hype as its more popular arches sections, I’ve always been a big fan of this area. This image is more of a unique view within Arches, even though its one of the coolest views in the park (in my opinion). That’s because this spot is often missed or overlooked when visiting Arches, as the crowds of people tend to either stop before, at the Park Avenue Viewpoint or zoom past it to get to the one of many arches that are scattered throughout the park.  


Want to know more about this spot? Keep reading … 


This area comes up fairly quickly and is on your right and is called the La Sal Mountains Viewpoint. Most regulars know about it, but, depending on who you are and what you prefer when visiting national parks, there is a slight downside if you visit this area during sunrise or set. You won’t be viewing Delicate Arch that evening. However, the upside is that you won’t be sharing this magnificent view with dozens (if not hundreds) of people. For example, on this sunset night, my buddy and I had it basically to ourselves.

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