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Racetrack Playa Sunrise

Racetrack Playa Sunrise

I woke in the passenger seat of our rented 4x4 jeep in the the middle of the night, after a restless 3-4 hour sleep/nap. I grabbed my gear and made my way into the dark, moonless night of a far away desert, deep in the middle of a bigger desert. I was literally in the middle of nowhere (Racetrack Playa) … In the middle of nowhere (Death Valley National Park) … because of some rocks. 


However, the fear and uncertainty walking into nothingness morphed into peace, as my eyes turned inward toward the beauty of the images popping up on my camera display of the stars and the sailing rocks working in harmony together.   


After several blissful hours under the twinkle of the Milky Way, it was a magical feeling seeing the first glimpses of twilight. Even though it was sad to see the stars go, my body craved the light and warmth of the morning sun. I moved to the rock I had labeled in my GPS the day before as my ’sunrise’ rock. I had instantly feel in love with this rock when I first saw it, as it had stopped on its current journey near a ‘Y’ within its beautiful track. It made me think and wonder about this rock and life itself … What if it had taken the other track, would its life as a rock be any different? 


And how is that concept similar to you or I when coming to a ‘Y’ within our journey in life. Would we be any different of a person then we are today? … Or would we be the same person, just in a different geographical spot on this earth. And how much does free will play into that factor. Just some thoughts to ponder while enjoying a rock within a far away desert playa on a beautiful morning sunrise. 

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