Rock Climber Golden Glow

Rock Climber Golden Glow

One of my favorite moments when visiting Banff National Park was when we were relaxing at the top of Sentinel Pass, overlooking the beautiful landscape below, when one of the people from our group noticed some folks climbing a rock pinnacle only a few hundred yards away.


It was a small group of climbers, working their way to the top and they were basically eye level from where we were relaxing and enjoying the view. I quickly switched out my lens to my 70-200mm and Canon 2x Extender and was instantly capturing the moment with a 400mm zoom and began snapping frames. I highly recommend hiking with the 2x extender, as it has come in handy many times for me and only weighs a few ounces. 


What was great about this particular scene was that the climbers and pinnacle were going in and out of shadow, as we had some nice puffy clouds that afternoon. And then I got a little lucky. Right before they peaked at the top, the sun broke, bathing the pinnacle in a beautiful golden glow, with the background being many hundreds of yards away in shadow … Thus, creating a nice dramatic colorful scene of warm golds and yellows of the sunlight against the cool blues from the shadows in the distance.   

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