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Sentinel Pass (Banff National Park)

Sentinel Pass (Banff National Park)

It’s not easy getting to the summit of Sentinel Pass, but when you finally make it to the top and turn around and soak up the incredible view of Larch Valley below and Ten Peaks in the distance, it’s a moment and view that you’ll never forget. 


It’s moments and hikes like these that help keep you alive in my mind. Not just because it’s physically demanding and you can feel your body’s pain during the trek up (and down) or because you can capture some amazing landscape imagery, but because of the wonderful visual feast that's laid out in front of you … It feeds your soul and expands your minds ability to connect with nature and its beauty. It helps remind you where and how we fit into this massive world around us.  


If you ever make it to Banff N.P., I highly recommend including this trail on your agenda, it’s an all day type hike and one that challenges your mind, body and spirit, but when you’re standing at the top, all those difficult moments wash away, as you soak up the sweeping views. And make sure to stop at Larch Valley for a rest and some lunch. Go find one of the small, shallow lakes, unpack some nutrients and enjoy the moment … But, don’t stop, make it to the top, it’s worth the effort.

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