Skyline Arch With Snow Horizontal

Skyline Arch With Snow Horizontal

Snow at Arches NP is truly a beautiful event. If you ever get the opportunity to experience it, bundle up, grab your gear and get outside and photograph nature at its finest. The softness of the fluffy, white snow against the hardness of the ancient, red rocks is a visual feast. The plethora of textures are just incredible to see, touch and experience, while the contact of the colors gives your eyes and mind something visually amazing to wander within.


I had actually photographed almost this exact same scene of Skyline Arch several minutes before with no person within the arch, when I was turning my attention to other compositions within the area. I then noticed someone hiking/climbing up toward the arch, so I quickly repositioned myself back to my previous spot, knowing that the presence of someone within the arch would help strengthen this particular composition. 


And as this adventurous person of the snow made their way up inside the arch, that instinct to reposition and reshoot the same scene paid off. As I love how much stronger this particular scene is with a person looking out into the white abyss of the storm on the other side of the arch. I feel it helps give perspective to the size and scope of the moment. 

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