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Sprague Lake Winter Sunrise

Sprague Lake Winter Sunrise

I was the first person to nestle up to the frozen waters of Sprague Lake on this particular winter morning and had the entire lake basically to myself to enjoy the last of the stars twinkling over Hallett Peak and the morning light that soon followed. The area was quiet and tranquil. And the only sounds interrupting that peaceful stillness was the unique and somewhat eerie noise of the ice moving and cracking below my feet, as I stood along the lakes edge. 
Sprague Lake is a well known spot within Rocky Mountain National Park, but I still wanted to experience the beautiful area for myself. Plus, this morning was after several long days of travel, photographing a couple of days worth of sunrises, sunsets and the Milky Way, with very little sleep in between. That and the physical drain on my body after two grueling hikes within RMNP. So, I was more than happy to easily step out of the RV, take a short stroll to this beautiful location and photograph this amazing scene. 
Just like in life, sometimes you have to fight and grind through each step along a difficult path to concur the challenging circumstances that are around you … and sometimes it's a walk in the park, a national park in this case. 

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