The Narrows (Zion N.P.)

The Narrows (Zion N.P.)

One of the top spots I was most excited about my recent photo trip (and would check off a photo bucket list), was the Narrows in Zion National Park. In my previous trips, weather didn’t cooperate and I was unable to hike it. And although the weather during our time in Zion this time wasn’t perfect, the day we had planned for the hike up the Virgin River worked out nicely. The skies cleared late in the morning, when we were in the midst of our hike, so there were opportunities to capture images of light bouncing around the massive walls. 
It also gave me a great opportunity to use my new 6-stop Dark CPL from #breakthroughphotographyfilter, which let me push my 3-bracket exposures up to 8-15-30 seconds, while cutting through the glare and showcasing the river rocks below. You just need to make sure if you go long exposure while in the Virgin River, that you have sturdy tripod and find a somewhat calm spot within the rivers flow. But, it’s worth it, as you can capture the details of the shadowed walls and water flowing, while maintaining the color/glow with the shorter exposures. With images blended in Photoshop.

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