Tuscany Golden Glow (Cypress Grove)

Tuscany Golden Glow (Cypress Grove)

The golden glow and warm air of Tuscany is as nurturing as any environment I’ve ever experienced. The area just fills you up with warm, fuzzy, goodness … from the beautiful landscapes at every turn, to the delicious wines at every vineyard. If you’ve never been, just go … And stay longer than you think you should. Soak it all up, as you’re bound to want more, along with the fact that you’ll most likely leave part of your heart in the Tuscan landscape … But don’t fret, you’ll go back. 
During this particular day, the clouds were fairly heavy throughout the morning and afternoon, blocking most of the sunshine throughout the day … But, as the late afternoon came upon us, everything began to break-up and the strong, Tuscan sunshine gave us some beautiful light upon the grove of cypress trees at Val d’Orcia. If you ever visit this part of the world, make sure to take the the time to enjoy this beautiful grove of trees.

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