Yosemite Falls Autumn Storm

Yosemite Falls Autumn Storm

I’ll always take stormy and dramatic skies every time over bright blue skies (big puffy clouds are a close second). I know, there's a big tradeoff, as those stormy skies sometimes (often times) lead to wet, soggy, rainout type days. But, when things come together and the elements align, you can see and capture some dramatic moments in nature. It’s the difference between getting dozens of okay images or one impactful one.  


That’s why, when you see storms, rain or “bad weather” in the forecast, don’t fret and start planning other things. Get excited, put on your rain jacket and explore … Unless you’re in a slot canyon, then get the heck out of there.


Yosemite is beautiful anytime of year, but autumn brings lower temperatures, less crowds and some color pop throughout the valley floor. And in this scene, we were lucky to have some rainy weather for the several days leading up to the start of our trip, as the extra precipitation led to heavier rivers and a stronger Yosemite Falls. And when you add in some crazy drama in the sky, you get an impactful scene that’s worth getting wet over. 

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