Yosemite Falls Lunar Rainbow Star Trails

Yosemite Falls Lunar Rainbow Star Trails

A lunar moonbow at Yosemite is one of most amazing natural phenomenas of the entire park and arguably one of the coolest to see and photograph in any National Park. It's just epic, as the moonbow and Yosemite Falls anchors the majestic landscape below and my stack of long exposures creates star trails that zoom around the North Star, which hangs almost perfectly above the massive granite walls of this beautiful waterfall. The moonbow is created in combination from the heavy mist from Upper Yosemite Falls and the brightness of the full moon (or nearly full moon) on a clear night. 


Nature is always magical. And if you’re lucky, there are small pockets of time, moments in your life, where you get the opportunity to peek through the vail of nature and into the inner most realm of its beauty and stand within something that transcends your mind, body and soul into a magical, mythical world that mostly seems to be from a dream. But, then your eyes see the images popping up on the back of your camera viewfinder and it snaps you back into reality and makes your body buzz with excitement.  

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